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Battery Charge – Fault Light Flickers On

Hi, the battery charge light has been flickering on for some time now, my mechanic tested the alternater & it’s charging fine, so he said to leave it for now.Now the Fault light is also flickering on straight after the Battery Fault light.  When it happens there seems to be no loss of any power, […]

Uneven response at slow speeds

I have enjoyed my 2003 1.9 Xsara Picasso for around five years, often as a tug for my caravan, but mostly and recently all the time driving without the van. It has been well maintained and serviced regularly. It has done 13500 miles.   The only problem that I have found has been the unevenness […]

06 reg 1.4 lost power and has a misfire

Help desperately needed please. Got a call from the wife earlier broken down with kids in the car and a boot full of shopping…. Basically the car was running fine, but she noticed it sounded a little odd as she pulled up and parked. It started ok later but juddered when moving and when came […]

Engine off noise

Hi I have a 2001 hdi 2.0 my dad has the 04 model same car. When he turns his off it sounds more solid mine seems to not turn off as fast. Just wondered if it’s a problem. Also I plugged the left side of the egr solenoid does this close the egr at all […]

Identifying a missing pipe / duct

Afternoon all, a little help if you would be so kind. The car is a 54 plate 1.6 diesel Picasso, whilst making inspections on the engine with the intention of doing my own oil and filter(s) service I noticed a gap in what looks like the air inlet duct. I’m assuming that the rectangular port […]

Squeaky wheel and door that won't lock

Hi everyone I’m new to the forum and need some help ,just had the front n/s wheel bearing changed on my 2003 2.0hdi and now there is a constant squeak from the wheel when moving in any direction, brake pads and discs are both relatively new so not sure where to start looking next The […]