Battery Charge – Fault Light Flickers On

Hi, the battery charge light has been flickering on for some time now, my mechanic tested the alternater & it’s charging fine, so he said to leave it for now.
Now the Fault light is also flickering on straight after the Battery Fault light.  
When it happens there seems to be no loss of any power, most people seem to lose power steering or something.
Is it now time to have the alternater replaced, or could it be something else?  
I’m hoping that it’s likely to be a cheaper problem.
It starts first time every time.
It had a new battery & staring motor a couple of years ago.
I am useless with cars, oil, water, tyre pressure & diesel is my limit.
If it does need a new alternater does anyone have any idea of approx cost to have done, it’s on an 02, 2.0 HDI.
Any advice is appreciated, thanks


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