2005 Picasso 1.6 HDi : Radio comes on after car left

I have a 2005 Picasso 1.6 HDi Exclusive. Frequently, after I leave the car (locked) the radio comes on and switches off sometime later.

What could be causing this and how might I fix it?

Picasso 1.6 HDi : Ticking on left side of dashboard

I have a 2005 Picasso 1.6 HDi Exclusive. When the ignition is on there is a ticking sound (~once per second) coming from the left side of the dashboard.

What could be causing this and how might I fix it?

Does a disconnected MAF put the EML on?

Hi All

My Father-in-Law has a 2005 2.0HDi. Hooked up his caravan to go off on holiday but as he left it was down on power and the EML came on. We cleaned the MAF and drove it but it was the same. I disconnected the MAF and it flew. So we tried to get a MAF but Euros are out of stock to Tuesday. Rather than lose days of his holiday, and he’s only going 65 miles away, I said pick one up at the local Euros when you’re there. 

A short while ago I get a call from him saying he’s moved the car to hook it up to the caravan and the EML has come back on. He is now unsure on whether to go on his holiday. I’d like to reassure him it’ll be okay if I can? So, can anyone confirm a disconnected MAF will put the EML back on?

Many thanks


that dreaded radiator fan resistor


im a fiat and ford fan but i bought a xsara picasso after my last modded fiat punto died as a stop gap tbh not a bad car but with faults…


laquer peeling…. no probs but its an 07 plate and it had 12 months mot so paint isnt a problem


firstly when i hit the road i found the usual  crappy running and then the radiator fan failed to work as the weather got warmer…


i plugged in my digital data port reader and no faults but still run rough and when hot it would stall……


firstly do your homework when buying french as the car if neglected will fail. the mpg was lousy so new maf sensor £14 and running good but stalling.


i read a few stories onnthe matter in hand to find that although the cooling system is a bit hap hazzard if not maintained it also has a non self destruct mech built in . the obd reader shows no faults but hit three bars onbthe temp guage and the stall follows. the system its self is fused powered and set up with relays and a heap of wiring all leading to the ecu. the wiring its self is quite simple but add realays the fan the fan resistor in the front of the radiator. most problems generally sorted by changing the radiator fan resistor cost £13 and conector lean hey presto problem solved . dont think for a minute that taking the bumper off is the only way it can be done it took me 1 h 30 mins to fix. undo the lights top panel bonnet catch top bumper screws and you can test the fan and the resistor can be removed and replaced . dont waste time cleaning take it out and sling it away. providing the fan temp sensor and relays work test the fuses replace the resistor and it all ok . when done ive driven for three hours 30 miles on a warm day and no probs .




















Hi there, does anyone no the routing of rear washer pipe between pump and boot connector. And can anybody help with ideas how to unblock. Pump has bet tested and fine new nozzle fitted. Front washers fine. Cheers and stay safe.



floor carpet panels

Hi chaps , not posted for a while,

I have acquired a 1;6 desire with under 30,000 on the clock,

some how I’ve dropped some coin loose change and its got under the floor  panel next to the passenger seat /handbrake area.

are these lift up able??? its annoying to see it there through the gaps..


thanks, Bob

Fuel problem

My 03 plate diesel conked out whilst travelling the other day. “Engine fault” was displayed on the dash. Felt like it had run out of fuel. Wouldn’t start. Then, after 30 mins, started but wouldn’t run, conked out again. After one hour started fine and kept running. Had called out rescue after initial breakdown. The fault code was “fuel rail problem”. 

As it’s now ‘fine’ and not displaying any error codes, my mechanic can’t work out what’s wrong… because at the moment, nothing is! 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? 


06 reg 1.4 lost power and has a misfire

Help desperately needed please.

Got a call from the wife earlier broken down with kids in the car and a boot full of shopping….

Basically the car was running fine, but she noticed it sounded a little odd as she pulled up and parked.

It started ok later but juddered when moving and when came to a hill it didnt have the power to get up it.

I had a look and cant find any obvious faults but the engine fault light is on.

No belts broken. No fluids lost. Oil level and colour fine and not pressurised when took the filler cap off.

I started it briefly and it starts and runs, but sounds like its running on three cylinders.

Any ideas, as i cant afford to splash out a load of cash and its due an mot and service anyway, which wont be cheap.

Uneven response at slow speeds

I have enjoyed my 2003 1.9 Xsara Picasso for around five years, often as a tug for my caravan, but mostly and recently all the time driving without the van. It has been well maintained and serviced regularly. It has done 13500 miles.


The only problem that I have found has been the unevenness of the drive, mostly in low gear and at slow speeds. With the accelerator pedal unchanged, the engine can accelerate and slow a small amount but enough to be noticed. I haven’t found it a problem, but, it is an obvious fault. This has been noticeable, but controllable since purchased in 2011.


Has anyone had the same problem and can you tell me the cause and how it might be solved?

Battery Charge – Fault Light Flickers On

Hi, the battery charge light has been flickering on for some time now, my mechanic tested the alternater & it’s charging fine, so he said to leave it for now.
Now the Fault light is also flickering on straight after the Battery Fault light.  
When it happens there seems to be no loss of any power, most people seem to lose power steering or something.
Is it now time to have the alternater replaced, or could it be something else?  
I’m hoping that it’s likely to be a cheaper problem.
It starts first time every time.
It had a new battery & staring motor a couple of years ago.
I am useless with cars, oil, water, tyre pressure & diesel is my limit.
If it does need a new alternater does anyone have any idea of approx cost to have done, it’s on an 02, 2.0 HDI.
Any advice is appreciated, thanks