Front & Rear Foglights Not Working on 2007 1.6 16v Xsara Picasso

Hi All,

Hope this post finds you all well and (hopefully) able to help me out !!

I noticed today whilst checking the lights that the front and rear foglights no longer work and there is no foglamp warning lights on the instrument panel.

The normal side/dip/main lights are working fine and warning lights aredisplayed (OK there then).

The F6 fuse in the engine bay fusebox is OK and there is a 12V supply in & out of it so had to dig a bit deeper.

Sadly the wonderful Haynes book shows “Typical” wiring and is not much use (including a relay which I can’t locate ..or even find on an internet spares search).

There was an MOT advisory a few years ago that the fog lights did not turn off after the 3rd twist (1st was one set of lights, 2nd was the other lights and 3rd turned them off) but the warning lights on the panel did light up then.They did reset once the main lights were switched off though so was only advised.

I suspect that the stalk on the Comms2000 unit has now failed for good as this is the fusebox with no relays in it, only connectors.

I was wondering if the lightindicator stalk was coded to the car or can I just replace the one that failed (it also had the usual floppy indicator problem as well) so would solve 2 annoyances at the same time !!

The other option if it was coded would be to have the original unit serviced so it should (in theory) just drop  straight back in.Am I right on that ?

It is a 96605636XT comms unit with all 4 controls on it (but cruise control and radio controls are never used anyway) and horn on the centre of the wheel rather than on the indicator stalk.

In desperation I have tried a BSI reset but it’s still the same.

Thank in advance.

Cheers for now,

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