my 2.0 hdi doesnt like puddles!

I have driven through a few deepish puddles recently with varying results.First time the car was fine for a few hundred yards,then lost power,black smoked,then blue smoked,rattled and eventually cleared itself up.Happened again a few weeks later(same puddle),got it to my workshop to investigate,checked the air filter expecting it to be soaked.Dry as a bone!.Not wanting to have the same problem again seeing how low its air intake is,I drilled a couple of large holes in the air box so it can pick up air from within the engine bay.Went through a shallow puddle yesterday,ssame result,but it soon cleared and drove normally.Left it at work all day ,and on the way home it black smoked,had a loss of power,sometimes blue diesel smoke,harsh engine sound.Ticks over and starts as well as it always does.It feels like its getting no boost,is the wastegate susceptable to water?Any ideas People? 

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