New Picasso Owner with Fan that only runs for a second or two!

Hi all

As the title says, my cooling fan only seems to come on in bursts for maybe 1 or 2 seconds and then stops

I have spent the last 2 days reading what feels like every single post on here about the infamous overheating issue


I start the car and let it idle. Turn on the ac and turn the blower to 1 inside on dash

After a minute or 2, the fan cuts in for about 1 second, maybe 2…

This repeats over and over and eventually I get the warning on the dash and the beeping to stop the car (This is all while just parked and not moving)

Before the warning, the temp shows as 3 bars on the dash and then shoots up to the top, gives the message, fan kicks in for about 2 seconds and its gone again!!


While I have looked at all the posts here, there are very few that mention this erratic behaviour with the cooling fan…most seem to either run, or don’t run at all


I really have NO idea where to start or how to even diagnose in my situation and would appreciate any feedback please



Sorry! Forgot to add…..It’s a 2004 model with 1.6 petrol engine and has AC </EDIT>

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