Newest Picasso is the worst

I bought my first Xpic diesel in June 2005 and it was a cracker. The 110bhp engine gave me all the power i needed. This was followed by another 110 and a 92bhp. One of these was Black and i fitted every extra i could to it. Great cars and no bother to MOT. Very reliable and cheap to run.

My fourth and present xpic is 92 bhp and was one of the last in the production run, bearing a “10” plate. This thing has been nothing but trouble since i got it. Last week it had to have the sills welded to pass an MOT. Yet i see much older Pics running around without signs of being welded. This car has only covered 54,000 mls from new.

Will sell it as soon as i can find a suitable replacement, which i don’t think will be Citroen. Why do they stop building good cars and replace them with rubbish???




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