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  • Site Has Been Upgraded

    The Site has finally been upgraded, I am shocked but we have a working database that will allow me to work with it. <br>

    It is very sad that along the way I have lost a lot of data but alas the database structure has been very dodgy since 2016 so I have had no choice but to work with what resources I have. 

    Please enjoy the site and thank you for your support over the 20 years  😄

  1. Announcments

    1. Anouncements about the site

      from time to time we may update the site so for the latest site happenings please view here.

    2. New Member Introductions

      New members and old for that matter introduce yourselves here, tell us a bit about yourself and where your from, lets get the community really flying.

  2. Citroen Picasso

    1. Rules For Picasso Related Forums

      Read this before making any post in any Picasso related Forum.

    2. I.C.E (In Car Entertainment)

      Discussion, Questions and answers related to the picasso in car entertainment.

    3. Questions about the Citroen Picasso

      If you are thinking about buying a Citroen Picasso and would like to find something out, or you already own one and need some info enter your questions here.

    4. Used Picasso Prices

      Prices for nearly new Picasso's plus relevant model information.Trade-in prices. What's your Picasso now worth?

    5. Insuring Your Picasso

      Find the best deals on insuring your picasso, see what deals other users of this forum have managed to negotiate

    6. Technical Section For MK1 & MK2

      This is the section where you can search for particular technical topics, ask technical questions or just share your views and/or technical information with others.

    7. Technical Section for C3 Picasso

      C3 Picasso technical questions and answers, fixes, problems, diagnostics, etc.

    8. Technical Section C4 Picasso

      Similar in most ways to the MK1 and MK2 picasso but now named the C4, problems, questions, diagnostics for the C4 Picasso

    9. Customising Your Picasso

      This is the section where you can search for particular technical topics, ask technical questions or just share your views and/or technical information with others.

    10. Dealers / Best Deals / Servicing Costs

      A mini forum are with sub forums for information about dealer services, prices and attitudes.



      Best prices or name and shame them.

  3. General Lifestyle Area

    1. Caravaning and Touring

      Since Citroen have been highly rated as a touring and towing car we have decided to add this section.

    2. General Discussion and Nonsense

      Everyday Chit chat or for topics that fit nowhere else.

      Talk about current events, general gossip and news or what was on telly last night.

    3. 24.3k
    4. Debating Forum

      You sould only enter this area if you are thick skinned and not easily offended. This area is for discussing the more serious issues and any conflict of opinions should not be carried to other forum areas.

    5. Internet & Computer Discussion and help

      Anything to do with computers and the internet can go in here, from faulty dial ups, website creation, computer problems, software trouble, etc. Post it in here.

    6. Guest Area

      Guest can post any questions the have here but it is advised to take full advantage of the features that you register.


      This is a trial and if the facility is abused it will be removed.

  4. Home And Garden

    1. DIY Projects Internal

      DIY projects, ask questions or show off your handy work, from book shelves through to major internal refurb.

    2. Information and news

      Information and news from drivethedeal.com

      • No posts here yet
  5. Other Sites By the 'Unofficial Series'

    1. Ford Galaxy Owners Club & Forum   (15,272 visits to this link)

      Ford Galaxy Site A site that is pretty much the same as this site except about the Ford Galaxy and its owners (virtually same as the VW Sharoan and Seat Alhambra). This site also contains other ford models.

    2. Citroen Car Owners Club & Forums   (27,111 visits to this link)

      A site that is pretty much the same as this site except the forums contain information about all other cars in the Citroen Range.

    3. Black Ops 2 Forum and Community   (7,404 visits to this link)

      Being a fan of the COD games I have created a brand new site which is for the New Black ops 2 release in Nov 2012, it does however cover all of the other COD titles too.

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