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  2. Thought OFGEN would have been more suitable than OFGEM certainly no GEM regarding fall back Tariffs. My energy contract ended early January so on the OFGEM default tariff that means £4 a week extra until the warmer weather comes. Another increase expected in April.
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  4. Problem could be a fuel injector say on cylinder 1 you have it repaired and it comes back on limp mode if you genuinely had it repaired and have a receipt does it count as the same fault?
  5. If it was medical/pet insurance the same fault is not covered again on the annual renewal so in some ways breakdown insurance (AA/RAC/Green Flag) is more generous. It does give the incentive to fix a car fault though. I would imagine these last 2 years there have been lots of flat batteries through lack of use and people not having chargers.
  6. Like the small print on the AA advert, "Unlimited callouts.....but not for the same fault"
  7. Hope the car park fee is cheaper than the fuel used enroute to the funeral I went to on in Chester last year cost me £12.50 parking for 5 hours
  8. Noticed on the Policy only 2 callouts to same fault per year on breakdown cover it seems to be creeping in with more insurers. Must be getting a lot of calls to cars going into limp mode and owners not knowing how to deal with it.
  9. Took trimmings down today. Had to have a first post of the year 🙂
  10. In Jan 2020 just before the pandemic took off, we changed our 2015 C4 for a 2019 308SW. Since then it has only done 2500 miles with us hardly going anywhere apart from shopping and hospital appointments. Next week will be its longest outing when we have a funeral which will be a 200 mile round trip with motorways so should be interesting to see how it performs. If we had known then what was to come we would not have changed the car. However, yesterday I checked on auto trader at garage prices for it and they are not much different to what we paid 2 years ago. Same with our daughter's Cactus bo
  11. May be a bit morbid but I had very strong thoughts of getting a comfier and quieter car back in 2020 when covid was starting up, taking victims left right and center, somehow a change of vehicle took a back seat weighed against survival. The start of 2021 was no better with the wife being rushed into Hospital for a major, happily successful, operation, now we have daily nurse visits that have put the mockers on going out for a drive and holidays are a thing of the past, home or away, all we can look forward to in the future is the re-starting of something exciting like Car Boot Sales, you can
  12. Higher car prices are said to be due to a shortage of new ones being made due to a lack of chips and people are not selling their old ones. Are part ex prices also higher ? I have noticed in our supermarket (Waitrose) when a price goes up now it is not just by inflation but 10 or 15%. It might be a lot of people are profiteering under the ruse of covid. Commodities prices have dropped quite a lot recently (oil and gas) but I do not hear anything in the news about prices dropping to customers, only to expect a 50% rise in a few months for gas/elec.
  13. Strange how this pandemic has seen a surge in used car prices
  14. Sounds like a good bit of design, I can imagine the designers having a good laugh over it. Maybe a length of string tied around the lever might help unless the lever catches the door trim.
  15. You are probably right, I can not see the insurers wanting to make a few billion less. Checking again, the news was £4.2 billion over 10 years saving for customers so it is only about £10 each per customer a year, I do not think we will notice anything.
  16. Looking at Parkers even high mileage models seem to be holding their prices.
  17. No problem for insurance companies they will just sting you when you replace your car or details classed as a 'New Customer' then probably why quote from over 50s' was over top.
  18. just got a quote from that charity for over 50s' £400 +
  19. It was on the news today that from 1/1/2022 insurers can no longer charge loyal customers more than a new one. From then it could mean new customers paying more but existing ones paying less. I think it said it will should save customers a few billion pounds.
  20. Just got renewal for next year £70 cheaper than last year coop
  21. Problem with c4pic is you cannot get to the bonnet release without the door open is the point I was making. Yes I am sure electric handbrake scores the discs MOT garage said get them changed for next test.
  22. I use local auto parts dealer can get a selection of parts to suit varying budgets quality as you want to pay for it.
  23. For our Citroens, I tend to buy parts from a Citroen dealer having found aftermarket parts from such as eurocarparts were not as good or fit as well as the dealer ones, despite the prices being not much different to the dealer. Oil though I have found buying the same Total stuff over the internet is a lot cheaper. The last time was from tmsautoparts in Manchester via ebay and the price included delivery without any mention of a dangerous goods charge.
  24. As you will probably know, their web sites are a mass of catches and trip-ups. But how about this-
  25. Pity the governments over the years have listened to the green lobby and demolished the coal fired power stations. Maybe the lobbyists were foreign agents who supply the gas we now depend on for the gas fired ones. I always thought coal should have been kept and the power stations modified to clean up the flue gases and gas used for home heating instead of wasting it in power stations. In some ways it is a bit like China taking over all our production and then controlling everything once they have it. They all prey on short term business aims of companies to make a quick profit and ignore the
  26. During the Miners Strike of 1984/85 the Miners leaders predicted the uncontrolled by UK Government supply of Gas and Electricity would leave us at the mercy of others being able to hike prices out of our control as we are seeing now.
  27. Got a bit of cold Turkey for those who got a mouldy fresh one 🙂 It was predictable fresh turkeys' might not be so fresh this year with brexit, covid and staff shortages compounding the problem of efficient 'chilled' transportation from farm to shelf. Less risk buying a frozen one as long as they have not been left to thaw out in transportation.
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