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  2. I need to remove my centre console but can't see any screws. I have a USB socket I would like to fit. Also are there any better consoles that fit the C4 Picasso Ooops sorry for the double post. I did not think the first one went through.
  3. How do you remove. Is it screwed in from under the car as I can't see any screws above. And also are the any upgrade ones I could fit.
  4. My under-bonnet search for an accelerator cable to adjust ended today, when I found out there is no accelerator cable on this Picasso, it's an 'electronic' accelerator, how mad is that? Still, it's the world we live in now, and, apparently, we have to adapt to it. So can anyone advise as to why this sort of accelerator might not be as smooth as I would like at low speed, anyone any experience of what goes on with them?
  5. The electric box on the wing just clicks the 1 in the pic below is it worth me buying this or am I clutching at straws here
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  7. Yeah just checked that out after Googling it Apparently the USB has to be formatted from something that wasn't FAT32 to the latest type which is NTFS Just going to downnload an album now and off out to the car to check. I normally just stream from my phone havent used a cd for years and I'm 66.
  8. Is it something that could want formatting, just a thought
  9. Hi 2017 67 plate Citroen C4 GP Flair Bought a USB stick see pics with a link cable to work between the stick and my Samsung Galaxy S9 I've downloaded songs from my Amazon music files that are on my Samsung Galaxy S9 but after putting the stick in the display says 'USB stick detected 'unable to read USB stick Any ideas your help is appreciated.
  10. Just looking at these old threads almost six years on! The C3 Picasso I still have and it has been a incredible little car. Never let me down and still looks brilliant in white. Due for a change shortly, and it will be a sad day when I hand keys over to a new owner.
  11. I did the next best option and got a pair of the heated seat covers [either Lidl or Aldi], well appreciated on cold frosty mornings, easy to take off and store or even swap onto another car, plug into cig lighter
  12. Does anyone know which seats from other cars will fit c3 pic? I fancy myself some heated leather seats
  13. I know I said one last word but after I’d slept on it, I started again. It’s not the ignition switch wiring as been suggested, i had a spare one and changed them over. I managed after removing most of the lower dash glove box etc to get the blower out see 1st photo. Because mine is the exclusive or has a/c it has 2 power supplies see photo 1. They only mention 1 power supply in just about everything ive found on the subject also second hand on eBay. There is no sign of the resister that everyone talks about. See photo 2. I can only surmise with it being digital it doesn’t have one. But I have
  14. Similar problem on my (new to me) 2007 xsara picasso petrol 1.6. OK at speed, but accelerator slow to respond and jerky at low speed. Most of my driving is in slow traffic queues, so jerky low speed driving is a problem. I looked under the bonnet, can't find the accelerator cable to check adjustment. Haynes manual tells me the car might have a 'pedal position sensor'. Any advice where to look, what to look for, what to check and how to get the engine running slow and smooth?
  15. One last word on this topic. I have today removed most of the lower dash. I can’t for the life of me figure out where or how to access the blower. This problem is on the exclusive model digital controls not switches. Not sure it that would make any difference. Although all the display working as it should. None of the baffles move when I flick between air dispersement, Boost for windscreen or ac/ eco. Again don’t know if there is any difference to a manual unit. Thanks for your help anyway. Think is a garage jobby
  16. Sure should. Pick one up cheap enough from the scrappy. Don’t forget the 4 holding clips and it may be the rubber studs have broken off the engine. They often do but again there dead easy to replace. eBay
  17. As I said the IMOBILISER chip is in the key fob. It's near the key blade and is a black cube. It is non powered. There is an aerial in the column shroud. When the key is in the ign the aerial senses the chip. Have you opened the key fob lately to change the battery.? The chip can fallout without it no starting. If missing you need a new chip which has to be programmed. Try this if key not been opened. Insert key. Turn to position 1 press and hold either the door lock or the unlock button (doesn't matter which) for 10 secs. Now release button, remove key try again. That is to r
  18. Hi, I’ve just purchased a 2005 Picasso 2.0HDi 90hp. Having fun with it so far, sorting out a few minor bits and pieces as I go. My question is, should it have a plastic engine cover? Mine doesn’t. Thanks!
  19. It’s now turning over but won’t start saying immobiliser on the screen how can I reset that please
  20. As you have a diesel I think that might be the glow plug control box. On all HDi engines every time the ignition is switched ON, the glow plugs are powered and the pre-heat system operates. The warning light on the dash will most likely not illuminate BUT the glows will be powered. They are then kept powered after starting, this is called post-heat cycle. They stay powered till certain parameters are met, like temp, rpm. Even in the warmer months. Your problem is the engine doesn't turn the pre/post heat not working DOES NOT prevent the engine rotating. The starter solenoid is
  21. Hi there and thank you for your advice! I ended up using a company called www.prepurchaseinspections.co.uk they went out to the vehicle and inspected it quite quickly. Unfortunately it had been fully resprayed and not the best condition, the cost of the inspection in my eyes was worth it as it stopped me buying a car like this. The search continues! Hopefully i will find something worth inspecting next time!🤣
  22. Passenger side on the wing there is a electronic box as I turn the ignition key it clicks in this box can you suggest any thing that may be located in this electronic box that may be some how connected
  23. Then I'd go with the battery terminals and the engine compartment terminal it's under a cover with a + on it.
  24. Lights come on but just does not rotate it’s just dead does not even turn over
  25. When you turn the key, do the lights come on but the starter doesn't rotate Or does it turn over. If the first then I'd say it's battery connection. There is a terminal under the bonnet as you know and that gets corroded, clipping a lead into it will sometimes bypass the bad connection. Strip it down and clean. Clean the battery terminals too. If the latter then suspect the IMOBILISER. If you remove key count to 10 reinsert dies it now start. If so it's the immobiliser system. A non powered chip in the key makes a loop with the aerial in the steering column.
  26. All I could suggest is start at the battery
  27. A poor connection could pass minor currents that will suffice to feed instruments but incapable of passing the amperage for a starter motor, this is only a suggestion due to returning to airport parking after a week holiday and finding my car with similar symptoms, the parking crew came with jump leads and eventually got the car [Xsara Pic diesel] started, next day went under passenger seat to remove battery for charging and discovered one of the battery terminals was loose and only resting on the battery, in the car park jump starting was done using the engine compartment connections
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