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  2. When our internet is not in use I switch the router off, just like any unused electrical equipment. When we have to change to phones on the internet if I still do the same it will stop unwanted calls and anyone else trying to phone, maybe they might have to send letters instead or arrange phone appointments. Existing phone calls are powered by BT but the change will mean the customer supplying the power, could save BT a bit but if routers need to be on all the time it will not help against climate change. Rural areas like the Lake District might get fibre as a result of the changes, otherwise
  3. It could be a wise move to go for a suitable DECT phone system that will work on VOIP, with a base station/answer phone and the satellite phones positioned round the house, only requirement, apart from broadband, would be mains powerpoints, one things for sure, looking at Amazon etc, its not going to be an expensive purchase and the calls will be cheaper, yippee
  4. I had not heard about this until now, gives us all something else to worry about. It is explained in this BBC report https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-58233420 . It explains why when trying to get fibre to our house we have been told our land line would be lost so would only get broad band. The house is only 6 years old and our part of the estate does not have fibre. Extension sockets in many rooms were put in by the builders, maybe I should fill them in when decorating.
  5. Feel like bursting into song Don't leave me this wayI can't surviveI can't stay aliveWithout your love, no babyDon't leave me this wayI can't existI will surely miss your tender kissSo don't leave me this way ignore the smoochie bits
  6. Credit to you, granpa, for try to hold things together. Sadly I fear that Gteuk will take your legs away!
  7. It all started with a search for call blockers and the requirement to have a caller display on wired landline phones, thats when it came to light that by 2025 the BT type telephone master socket will be killed off and the landline service will be fed by the Broadband Service providers hub, leaving those without Broadband devoid of a landline connection, plus a totally dead phone in a power cut or Broadband fault for others, so out of curiosity I selected a lovely BT wired phone, all singing and dancing with call blocker, answer phone & all the bells and whistles I would want and asked the
  8. So Gteuk is alive and kicking, like to hear from other members though, just to think how we were trying to get a club badge in the past, happy days
  9. That feature is on a few of the cars we've had in our family (C3/C4/Cactus/308) but does not need the lights to be in auto. It can be switched on/off through one of the menus. The fog light on the corner to be turned into will come on if the lights are on and the steering wheel is turned in that direction when below a given speed. It also is supposed to happen when the indicators are used. I have seen it on other makes of car so not just Citroen/Peugeot ones. I thought it a confusing gimmick initially but it helps to light the kerb when turning. Nice to see Gteuk has removed the spam.
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  11. Only just noticed when on auto lights what I feared was a fault turns out to be a feature, when travelling at 25 mph or less whichever direction you turn illuminates that sides fog light until you steer straight ahead again, fear not its only when headlights are in auto mode
  12. Failure of cabin fans is often a resistor pack that controls the various speeds that has failed. Whether it is your problem I do not know but is worth a try. Do a search on C3 Picasso fan resistor.
  13. Could be the resistor in the heater motor, there are youtube vids on this
  14. Hello, The fan in the cabin of my C3 Picasso, 2012 year, is not working. Iv'e tried the fuses and they are all fine, not blown. Thank you
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  18. I looked in the manual and it does not mention the light at all or how it operates except if it comes on, STOP. I've never owned a car where the light goes OUT a couple of seconds after the ignition is switched on even without starting the engine. There is a separate light for the oil quantity which says oil_ok. I bought oil at an auto shop after giving the registration, it's 5W30 of the latest specification.
  19. I think you will find that the oil light on a 1.6 Hdi at start up is simply an oil level check- not pressure.
  20. I had not thought about this on our Citroens, the warning lights all go off apart from the engine management light when the dash lights up after turning the key. The engine management light goes off once the engine is running and all its various things are checked. You could have a look in the handbook to see what it says about the oil light. Which oil did you use, Citroen usually say Total INEO ECS 5w/30 for the 1.6 hdi as noted in the Maintenance and Warranty book ? On the 1.6 hdi it has a reputation for early turbo wear if the correct oil is not used and changed annually (or a mileage
  21. I changed the oil in a friends car, I normally get in, turn on the ignition and check the oil light is on, then start and make sure it goes out. However, with this 2009 Citroen C3 Picasso 1,6 HDI diesel, the light comes on and goes out after a few seconds without starting the engine. Is this normal? This does not allow you to check the correct operation of oil pressure switching the light off.
  22. We lost so many members when we had months of the site being broken, admin should have been on the ball
  23. Same here - considered leaving the forum, but can't find how ! 🙂
  24. Its a lot when you convert it to gallons, bearing in mind it was 5 gallons to £1 when I started motoring
  25. Was dreaming of pence a litre 🙂
  26. I wonder what all the tossers think they are achieving with all the crap (spam) they post over the internet. Pity they do not have a life and worthwhile things to do. I have taken to repeatedly marking the site as read so any new things are highlighted in bold and not lost amongst the unread spam.
  27. I hope your decimal point is in the wrong place. Our local Shell garage at Waitrose has been £1.459 a litre for diesel over the last week but I filled up at a Morrisons last Tuesday when I passed at £1.399 a litre. Next week doing about 400 miles so I will need to fill up again after that, hope the price drops by then but unlikely.
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