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  1. The new look is not my favourite either, nor are the bugs, the site however is full of so much information and data, it is impossible to change platforms, it took a lot of reconfiguration to get the database working with this version of the software. As technology moves on, unfortunately we have to 😞 My personal circumstances do not allow me to have my own personal servers in a data center anymore nor do I have the time or enthusiasm to reprogram as I used to, getting old now and the whole computing language is changing 😞
  2. Albeit sad that the introduction of an adblocker blocker has been put on the site none of the sites run for free. If I were more affluent I would foot the costs myself, The advertising revenue does not even cover 10% of overall costs to keep them up and running and to be honest I was in two minds as to keep them up and running or just call it a day. I decided to upgrade the forums at a cost to me and may in the future add SSL security to them at a later date, all of which costs money, which in this current climate I do not have spare. I removed the option for advertising free donat
  3. I still have a lot of changes to make to all sites, this one is still upgrading in the background, and going to take a few days to complete even though I am forcing a lot of it to happen in real time when I am around. Once it is fully complete I will send a mail shot out to members to let them know it is fully functioning again 😄
  4. 2 sites down with the upgrade process, and I learned a lot from both. No 2 sites are the same and both had their problems I still have a lot of modifications to do but as they are stable I will concentrate on upgrading this one next. I will not lie, the database is my biggest worry but as I take 3-4 backups at each process I think I have a quicker upgrade process this time , plus I learned from my mistakes :D Will Keep you all posted but here are the other 2 sites upgraded http://fordgalaxy.org.uk/ford/ http://citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/
  5. Here is a snippet of the converted forums with no plugins, bells or whistles, Just got this one working but if we are to survive this is the way we have to go :( http://citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/
  6. Once I get all sites to a stable standard I will email all members to let them know it is back online,, I have a lot of work to do and experimenting with the lesser visited website first in case I really screw things up. it has taken 3 days just to search out the bad assci code in the smallest database to be able to get 18% through upgrade, first one is a learning curve so once I get one right I can get all right :D :D
  7. Only just but this last fail is a wake up that if the data is to survive on the web I need to update it a lot, I will have to get rid of a lot of obsolete plugins and programs over time to get the forum as back to basic as possible before attempting to upgrade to newer and better platforms, Once I have all 3 sites working without error I will then concentrate on fixing properly. Fixed so far Database connection (that being the most important for many reasons) Removal of obsolete code and database entries (crap that will no longer work on newer platforms causing errors) Fixed email valida
  8. I have been working really hard to get the most recent backup online, the mismatch in technology has let me down all my most recent backups are just not playing ball. The good news is not everything is lost and still many years of know how preserved. How did this happen ? 2 or 3 reasons really I have a life outside the forum and that took over a massive amount with kids, grand kids and work not to mention social isolation. Server technology updates - I had a script to back up all important files every week, however this became obsolete and stopped working :( I moved the site to shared
  9. Tried and failed there are some errors in the structure I need to fix before reconstruction,, a backup is not possible at this time :(
  10. There are still a few bugs that I need to sort out with the database as versions have changed over the years. The basics is this I need to convert all the data,, best done while site is offline I need to dump the data into a file format not supported by forum Delete the whole database and get rid of all traces (the scary part) Create a new database which is correctly formatted getting rid of all the gremlins Import all the data back into the right tables with all the correct links. It might take a little while as there is over 20 million needed records to make sure the forum still and 0ver
  11. All donations no matter how big are small are generous and appreciated very much will help with all the updates :D
  12. I believe the source of the issue is IPSconnect a file that is meant to be secure by invision power board. As a measure I have decided to NULL this file and others connected to it meaning it cannot communicate or interact with the site or the database anymore. This may limit some features but from what I can see at the moment all is working OK. I have turned the security level down on cloudflare to Very High, although you won't see the browser check on every entry of the site it is still there and working in the background. The sites security is the most important thing and I have inves
  13. Hmm and the car is sold and the new owner is tarnished with the same brush. Sales reps can be idiots on the road but the car goes up for sale after 3 years,, they would be buying a car with a bad REP
  14. Only 3 likes one of which is me hahaha
  15. That protection is me so don't worry,, I have added extra protection and it will only appear the first time you visit the site,, My theory is if someone is intent on hacking the site cloudflare will find it and ban its ass to kingdom come
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