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  1. Credit to you, granpa, for try to hold things together. Sadly I fear that Gteuk will take your legs away!
  2. I think you will find that the oil light on a 1.6 Hdi at start up is simply an oil level check- not pressure.
  3. Fair comment. But if your 1st post to this site went on to reveal the way the site owner treats all with contempt- what would you have done?
  4. They are 'different'! Try using the throttle to get the behaviour you want. e.g. lifting off the gas for a moment will encourage a change up- and as a bonus will give a smoother change.
  5. The site owner has let everyone down especially those that have contributed time and effort to help other owners. The name of the game here is to profit out of the sites previous history- and sod you all!
  6. I'm afraid you need to go to the French Car Forum - https://frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=3 . Put in your VIN and a mod. will come up with your build list. Sadly this site is at an end, all that is left is scammers.
  7. I still look in, but sadly all I see is a forum taken over by spammers. A great waste.
  8. Resyncing the original remote [RF] fob to the car should not be an issue, and Stim would be quite right if the locksmith had cloned the original key. But this was not the case because the original key was not about. So the key blade was cut from the Citroen Mechanical Key Code. The new key/s would then be programmed but would need the Citroen 4 digit alpha/numerical Security Code. All previously programmed keys would be excluded. Providing that the 2 codes above are present, and if the vehicle owner has not been given them by the locksmith they should have been- Lexia can
  9. Much of the hype promoting EV's, I am sure has been penned by Boris. There is so much distortion, twisting of facts and downright lies. As an example, I saw on tv recently, an ad claiming that a particular car could be charged to achieve some 70 miles in 8 minutes. Scroll down to the small print and it shows that a 350Kw charger needs to be used for these figures to apply. 350 KW is the amount of power needed to boil 175 2Kw kettles at the same time! Do not try at home! And even if half the street was pulling, say, 14 Kw there would be all sorts of issues.
  10. But I reckon that the continuous outages have taken their toll. granpa seems to be trying to take up the slack- good luck Sir. For my part I have not had a Xsara Picasso for many years, but I have continued to offer support to this forum using the knowledge gained whilst an owner. But, big but, I have to allow this site to be excepted from my adblocker. That now leaves me with a faceful of adverts. And that, literally, is end of.
  11. 40 mins. would take some beating- especially if that included resetting the cam timing i.e. locking off the crank and cam position.
  12. No alignment tool needed- it is easy to centre by just looking. Drive shafts pop out of the gearbox- but first need freeing from the wheel hubs. No need to replace fork if it looks OK. New carrier tube comes with an input shaft seal. And PJG has come up with another option!
  13. Correction- the tube was much less than 30- that figure included the pivot arm.
  14. Personally I would stick with a genuine tube, they work hard. The only unusual tools I can think of are the large socket for the drive shafts, and a long breaker bar. 3/4 ft of steel tube to fit over your normal bar will work, provided the bar is a good strong one. You ideally need a torque wrench for refitting the drive shafts. If a torque wrench is not available just do the nuts up TIGHT. You'll be able to gauge the tightness when you undo them. (Undo the nuts before jacking the car up) Other than that, a taper joint breaker for the ball joints.
  15. All your hard work has made me fell guilty, to the extent I had to hit the donate button. (not a lot ! )
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