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  1. As when I searched the Internet I could not find anything on this I thought I would document what you need to do to fix this. The passenger front window of our C3 Picasso started to auto-reverse about half way up and the conclusion was that where the glass moves up the runners has become stiff. Trying to lubricate them at the front and back from the top did not make a difference so I had to take the door trim off. First you need to remove the piece of plastic on the inside of the door mirror. This is held in by two push clips and can be take off by pulling it really hard. To remove the door tr
  2. Thanks for such a fast response. I can get the beam converters and have most of the rest though there are a few things we need. All the best Peter
  3. We will be taking our 2011 C3 Picasso onto the Continent soon, is it necessary to fit something on the glass (plastic) to mask out part of the beam or is there some lever at the rear of each headlamp you can just move to make the change? Thanks Peter
  4. The outside temperature gauge has just stopped working, there are just the horizontal lines on the dash (no pun intended). I guess the first check is the wiring. Looking at the replacement gauges on Ebay the cables seem quite long so I am guessing the connectors to the loom are in the door, what do you need to do to remove the drivers door panel? Before I do this I would like to disconnect the battery, is there anything I will need to reset? Will the radio for example remember any code it has? Finally what is the best way to remove the outside mirror cover without scratching the paint? T
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