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  1. That makes sense as it has worked intermittently for about a fortnight.thanks or are you kidding ?
  2. Im getting replace battery warning we replaced it about 6 weeks ago with a good quality one any ideas
  3. Lidl are doing windscreen wipers in packs of two for a fiver, one is 600m and the passengers side is 400m with wind deflectors, they are also doing a digital battery charger with auto cut off also has a pulse function to start a dead battery and can charge deep cycle batteries too.
  4. Checked it out today and it was turned to the on position but when I tried to turn it to to the of position it wouldn't budge ? any ideas as to whats that all about.
  5. Thanks guys great help as I could not find it in my manual.
  6. I have a problem that my passengers airbag is deactivated because it thinks their is a childs seat in the front how do you reactivate the airbag
  7. No takers how about £20 plus P&P
  8. I have a Navman sat nav tourer ezy 5in screen not being used comes with car charger no mounting bracket one of these £25 in good condition no scratches on the screen http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mio-Navman-F610-EZY-Widescreen-5-GPS-Sat-Nav-UK-Western-Europe-Maps-/121668729257
  9. Replaced every bulb including the a/c screen my Q. is this how bright is bright as I can hardly see all the display have I gone wrong somewhere.
  10. Mine reads 42 all the time could the sensor be jammed ?
  11. bought one today from said halfrauds 2 quid for one bulb
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