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  1. Ive just got mine 2010 vtr+, & i cant find it either, just options for radio, not like in manual 🤷‍♂️
  2. Hi new member here, just bought a c3 picasso 60 plate, with 43k miles on. I have owned a DS3, & a Xsara picasso previously, i loved the Xsara, but hated the DS3, I got the C3 picasso for my daily driver as i commute around 60 miles per day & wanted a bit more room than my previous mk 2 clio, as i have 3 dogs & occasionally stick the MTB in the back, so the picasso should be ideal as its the 90 hdi. I also have a BMW X1 which the wife uses mostly, & a Triumph tiger 955i for pure fun, thats me in a nutshell, I joined to gain info from the club if she ever goes w
  3. Hi all, i'm new here just bought a 2010 picasso c3 vtr+ for my daily commuter, also for dog walking cycling etc, so far so good, i'm really pleased with it onky 43k on the clock, ive had a ds3 before & a xsara picasso years ago which i absolutely loved, My question is, what do you all use in the air freshener gadget, as i just looked & they're e retailing at £18 for one! 😲 Which seems a bit steep, so i was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative,? Thanks in advance Nige
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