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  1. Update. The car proved too costly to repair so has been sold to a motor trader - who is either going to repair or sell for parts. Shame as it was generally a great car - a few things were on the way out and that prompted me not to invest more money into it. I'll be following it's future life (if it has one) via the MOT history website. I now have a 20 plate SEAT Arona - so we shall see how that goes! I have driven Citroen's for the best part of the last 20 years and I do like them - warts and all. Thanks Richard
  2. Cheers Paul. The garage I am talking to on this have basically said look you are looking at £1600 - there are no shortcuts... they are a good garage and probably want to do a proper job rather than try and save me some money. I currently don't need the vehicle on a day by day basis so removing the injector/ injectors and getting them refurbished and put back in a week or so later looks to be a viable solution. Its not something that I could do so I would need a (mobile?) mechanic to do the necessary removal and refitting. Slight problem that car is around a mile away from h
  3. Thanks. Thing is I had the car serviced before going away on holiday and I can honestly say the car never felt better. It was after about 400 miles of driving and with about 60 miles to go to get home that the warning lights came on and we had to stop. So it wasn't like the car was performing bad since being serviced.
  4. Thanks for the reply. So changed the fuel filter and all was OK? I have just had the car serviced and the diesel fuel filter was done as part of this so I really don't think this could be my problem. The filter is a £30 item. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. I suppose I'm a bit shocked the car could be scrapped after just 58k. I have been offered £1k scrap which at least I could put toward a new car.
  6. Hello, I have a C3 Picasso Exclusive 115bhp - 13 Plate (May) - 58K miles. I recently broke down on the motorway (ESP/ ASR and Engine Warning Lights) car went into limp mode and was towed to an auto electrician who diagnosed that fuel injector no was to blame. The auto electrician said that it wasn't something that he normally does so referred me to a local garage. They have yet to pick the car up but have warned that certain engines - namely 12 plate would not be possible to change just one injector and that all 4 would have to be done! The car was probably worth around £2.5k so
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