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  1. Yep. Tried Brink they said get in touch with their local rep and get them to source one, they gave me a price of £220! I can get a complete new tow system for less than that. Think I might just buy a horse and cart! 🤣 Cheers for the info, I'll give that a look.
  2. Good morning everyone.I have recently bought a 2015 grand Picasso exclusive + and I have to say, very impressed all round, a lot more roomy and comfy than my old car. On looking around it I have discovered that all the fixed mechanicals and electrics are there for a Thule(brink) quick release towbar just the actual towball part is missing. I've checked all the numerous storages in the car and even the jack holder and it's just not there. Wondering if anyone (possibly one of the previous owner if they're on here) would happen to have a surplus one knocking about in their garage?Many thanks.
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