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  1. Pete Long time since I used one but I recognize this as being from a gas chromatograph. We mostly use GPC and sometimes HPLC.
  2. Stan, your are welcome. Well done, your turn.
  3. I think you're misleading us Pete. That isn't a coil, it's a column.
  4. Were I trying to get from where I live to where Stan lives I would likely change trains near here.
  5. Not wax. Let's just give it to Pete. It's an FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) trace of dichloromethane (methylene dichloride) which was at one time the potent ingredient in paint strippers such as Nitromors. Your turn Pete, well done!
  6. Of course it is Peter but as it is you, what of!
  7. It is a line graph, but of what specific type?
  8. Thanks Stan. A new tip would make no difference to the way I play snooker. What's this?
  9. I'm supposed to be visiting the Florida Keys in November, these darned corporate meetings... Also seen at a business meeting was here:
  10. cane trimmer, though that's two letters fewer.
  11. I would think it was Cove Inn on Naples Bay, 900 Broad Avenue South ~ Naples, Florida 34102based on the information you've given us.
  12. I was a bit confused as to whether it was Stan or Shaun who was confirming the answer. Try this...
  13. rimmer trimer trimme timmer then? I tried to check Rimmer but it throws up 19 pages of Chris Barrie on Google Images.
  14. Sorry, someone is going to have to enlighten us as to who are the motley crew and the occasion. Looks like winter from the attire.
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