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  1. Still here but now have C3 Aircross Flair Auto EAT6. Great car, and is the nearest in the range to the original Picasso in size.
  2. Sounds like intermittent lever on steering column. Try exercising it by rotating it to the positions for rear wipe and rear wash. Other possible area is water in the engine compartment fuse box in the maron (brown) , the centre, plug. This is a known problem and is caused by the washer pump splitting due to freezing and the wet side leaks into the dry side and water runs up the inside of the wires. This enters the fuse box via the maron plug. Do you put additive in your washer bottle as it prevents freezing. You need to ask auto electrician to have a look at it to rule it out or confirm i
  3. Change the battery in the fob. I assume that the door locks are the originals so the blade fits. Now get in car and insert the key in the ignition. Turn the key to position 1 and press either the lock or the unlock button on the fob for 20 secs. Release the button. Turn ignition OFF, remove the key. The fob buttons should now lock and unlock the doors and when I served in ignition the car should start. You shouldn't need to use LEXIA as it's the original key. As I said earlier unless you changed the locks.
  4. EGS is s weird animal. Has the actuator oil every been changed possible it just thickened with being left for a few days and drained to low point. After exercise it thinned and spread.
  5. Usually due to the operating mechanism sticking. A squirt if silicon spray inside the door on the unit usually frees it off. You'll need to gain access by removing the door card and gently peeling the plastic membrane away from the door. Make sure you put it back in place and patch any holes or water will get into the car interior.
  6. If the connections are dirty on the under bonnet terminal then it's possible the jump start failed.
  7. There weren't any on my 2012 62 reg C3 Picasso. The facelift version came out in late 2012 slightly different front end think the first ones may have been 2013 reg.
  8. The battery is under the front passenger seat. From there the power lead goes to the engine compartment to a remote terminal. This is in front of the brake servo (passenger side) on the upper part of the bulkhead. It's under a black plastic cover with a + in a circle. Flip open the cover and undo the nut that is on the terminal and then tighten it. Look at it and if it is corroded clean it. Once back together try again. ALL the power to the cars operating parts comes thru that terminal. Slightest bit of dirt or looseness causes high resistance band big volts drop. The battery voltage can be ok
  9. 14 or LOW is correct. Check the following. When you push the ON button do you here a click in the engine bay. The Aircon compressor is driven by the same belt that drives the alternator and the power steering. However the compressor has a magnetic clutch. The click is that energising. Does the radiator fan at front of car start running. The Aircon condenser is mounted between the cars radiator and the front of the car. The fan must run or the system will overheat and cut out. Other possible cause the refrigerant gas has leaked out, system is inhibited if that happens. You n
  10. As I said the IMOBILISER chip is in the key fob. It's near the key blade and is a black cube. It is non powered. There is an aerial in the column shroud. When the key is in the ign the aerial senses the chip. Have you opened the key fob lately to change the battery.? The chip can fallout without it no starting. If missing you need a new chip which has to be programmed. Try this if key not been opened. Insert key. Turn to position 1 press and hold either the door lock or the unlock button (doesn't matter which) for 10 secs. Now release button, remove key try again. That is to r
  11. As you have a diesel I think that might be the glow plug control box. On all HDi engines every time the ignition is switched ON, the glow plugs are powered and the pre-heat system operates. The warning light on the dash will most likely not illuminate BUT the glows will be powered. They are then kept powered after starting, this is called post-heat cycle. They stay powered till certain parameters are met, like temp, rpm. Even in the warmer months. Your problem is the engine doesn't turn the pre/post heat not working DOES NOT prevent the engine rotating. The starter solenoid is
  12. Then I'd go with the battery terminals and the engine compartment terminal it's under a cover with a + on it.
  13. When you turn the key, do the lights come on but the starter doesn't rotate Or does it turn over. If the first then I'd say it's battery connection. There is a terminal under the bonnet as you know and that gets corroded, clipping a lead into it will sometimes bypass the bad connection. Strip it down and clean. Clean the battery terminals too. If the latter then suspect the IMOBILISER. If you remove key count to 10 reinsert dies it now start. If so it's the immobiliser system. A non powered chip in the key makes a loop with the aerial in the steering column.
  14. First thing I did when I went to pick my 2012 C3 Picasso was have the insert removed. Salesman was quite miffed. It was put in a poly bag. When I got home I put it in a plastic container. In 2017 I found it when looking for something else. The polybag had dissolved and the plastic container was soft. best thing don't bother with it.
  15. True and the seat removal facility was great. But when I parked near one yesterday it still looked bigger.
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