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  1. As I said the IMOBILISER chip is in the key fob. It's near the key blade and is a black cube. It is non powered. There is an aerial in the column shroud. When the key is in the ign the aerial senses the chip. Have you opened the key fob lately to change the battery.? The chip can fallout without it no starting. If missing you need a new chip which has to be programmed. Try this if key not been opened. Insert key. Turn to position 1 press and hold either the door lock or the unlock button (doesn't matter which) for 10 secs. Now release button, remove key try again. That is to r
  2. As you have a diesel I think that might be the glow plug control box. On all HDi engines every time the ignition is switched ON, the glow plugs are powered and the pre-heat system operates. The warning light on the dash will most likely not illuminate BUT the glows will be powered. They are then kept powered after starting, this is called post-heat cycle. They stay powered till certain parameters are met, like temp, rpm. Even in the warmer months. Your problem is the engine doesn't turn the pre/post heat not working DOES NOT prevent the engine rotating. The starter solenoid is
  3. Then I'd go with the battery terminals and the engine compartment terminal it's under a cover with a + on it.
  4. When you turn the key, do the lights come on but the starter doesn't rotate Or does it turn over. If the first then I'd say it's battery connection. There is a terminal under the bonnet as you know and that gets corroded, clipping a lead into it will sometimes bypass the bad connection. Strip it down and clean. Clean the battery terminals too. If the latter then suspect the IMOBILISER. If you remove key count to 10 reinsert dies it now start. If so it's the immobiliser system. A non powered chip in the key makes a loop with the aerial in the steering column.
  5. The usual cause is low battery voltage. My C3 Aircross Flair Auto EAT6 suffered from this earlier in late 2020 and earlier this year. Lockdown lack of use. I found that a terminal voltage if 12.3 was enough to stop it and 12.8 is enough for it to work. My remedy was to put the battery in charge. I use a 1960s battery charger and it worked. I read also that the later cars have a different controller for it. The article said to charge battery and when complete remove charger but do not open car doors or start fir 24 hours and thus will reset the trigger voltage. Since I last charged the ba
  6. First thing I did when I went to pick my 2012 C3 Picasso was have the insert removed. Salesman was quite miffed. It was put in a poly bag. When I got home I put it in a plastic container. In 2017 I found it when looking for something else. The polybag had dissolved and the plastic container was soft. best thing don't bother with it.
  7. True and the seat removal facility was great. But when I parked near one yesterday it still looked bigger.
  8. I got to wondering how the new C3 Aircross range compares size wise to the original and great Xsara Picasso. Well surprise surprise the are virtually the same size Xsara Picasso Length 4.276 m. +4.8 inch Width 1.751. -0.0002 in Height 1.637 C3 Aircross Length 4.154m Width 1.756 Height 1.637 So the only real difference is the length where the Xsara Picasso is 4.8 inches longer.
  9. Are you sure it's distance to empty and not distance from last reset. It's obviously wrong. I'd be tempted to press and hold the button in the end if the wiper stalk and reset all the readings. Best if done when tank is filled up.
  10. I decided that when my C3 Picasso was traded I'd go for an automatic but having had a C4 Picasso with EGS for 6 mths, had mad my mind up no way would I have one of those again. Then Citroen announced the EAT6 and EAT8 boxes in 2017 so off I went for a test drive. Well at first the dealer said no such animal, I showed him the web page and he went off to find out. On return he said you learn something every day. So I ordered a C3 MK3 hatchback with 110 bhp 1.2 3pot engine. When it arrived it was great. The box with 6 speeds with snow and sports lock. Fun to drive with a capital F.
  11. There is no clutch in a EAT6 gear box it's a torque converter. Possible that the fluid is low or old causing the problem.
  12. Hi I had a New 2017 C3 MK3 Flair 1.2l 110bhp hatchback with the EAT6 in it. It was the first one sold by my dealership. Loved it and it was an excellent drive. I traded it in. In Feb 2020 as I found getting into the car difficult due to back problems. I bought a 2020 C3 Aircross Flair 130bhp, again with the EAT6 gearbox. This an even better combination and the box is superb. These are torque converter automatics Not those EGS, or Sensomatics that are normal boxes with clutches operated by actuators. Consequently they are more reliable.
  13. Good luck with that mate. My current problem is a hdd crash in my laptop. Good job I have two tablets.
  14. If you don't turn on the air con does the fan ever come on or the temp go above 3 bars? if not then I would say that the problem is in the aircon system and the control of the fan. The fan needs to run to blow air through the air con condenser that is sandwiched bewtteen the fan and the car rad. When the fan is going on and off is the air con clutch engaging disengaging in sympathy. If the condenser is not cooled then yhe pressure in the air con will go high and switch it off via the high pressure switch. if you can get at the fan cicuit and feed 12v direct to the fan so it run all the time
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