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  1. There is some information here on tests with various additives http://www.pug306.net/index.php?pageid=twostroke There is a potential problem with ultra low sulphur diesel fuel which may lack important additives for lubrication. Some users claim the 2 stroke oil gives performance and economy benefits.
  2. Quite a lot of discussion on other forums regarding the benefits of adding 2 stroke engine oil to diesel fuel. Anyone tried it?
  3. The 2.0 HDi 90 bhp engines are disappointing in the PIcasso for fuel economy. I bought an SX new in 2001 and at best on a run it would achieve 44 mpg, 38 on town work. However I have been running a 2001 Xantia with the HDI 90 bhp engine, and it is seriously brilliant on fuel economy. So good in fact, I thought at first that the fuel gauge was broken. This car does not do less than 45 mpg and on a run to Paris recently from my home in the north of France, it used just 32 Euros worth of fuel (E1.27 a litre in France). Fuel consumption was 54 mpg for this round trip. So either the Picasso is
  4. This subject has come up before over the years. The problem with the 90 bhp 2.0 diesel engine is that the turbocharger is not intercooled. Yes you will get 115 bhp and it will feel usefully quicker. You will get this extra performance at the sake of economy as the new programme just shoots more fuel in the cylinders. You will also get more smoke. The newer 1.6 HDi engine with an intercooler developes 110bhp and is more economical too. Best to save your money and change for the newer car.
  5. Didn't Chavez say he was too busy to see Ken?
  6. I am trying to track down Ian Gillies who was the Sales Manager of Dutton Forshaw in Preston then moved to Leader's in Liverpool. Anyone know where he is please? Cheers Kevin
  7. So basically what you are both saying is that DC Cook also owned some large car sales sites, but had to offload them when they have gone bust previously?
  8. It is unfortunate for consumers in the UK, that current leguslation does not prevent companies from going bust and then rising Phoenix like weeks or months later, trading virtually as before.
  9. Did you know that the diesel engine was created to run on peanut oil back in the 1890's?!! Now there is a company in the USA that sells kits that enable a diesel car to run on both diesel and cooking oil, with a simple change over switch to the vegetable oil once the engine has been started with diesel. The "Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System" allows diesel vehicles to run primarily on vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is poured into a second tank in the boot which fits in the recess where the spare wheel would be. I know this would be a problem on the Picasso, not having a wheel well!!
  10. It is worth considering that there would not have been an arms race if some spy or spies had not sold the secrets to the Russians. Some ideologically warped scientist thought it unfair that the US was the only country to possess nuclear technology. There was a proposal to put on a demonstration for the Japanese; to watch the first detonation of the A bomb in New Mexico, but that was decided against in case it failed to go off. Also the Americans could have just bombed one of the atols or islands nearby. Unfortunately, because of the political system in Japan or lack of it, they needed some
  11. Good point RHP about the Japanese using the atomic bomb if they had it. It is worth mentioning that over 100,000 Japanese died in the 300 B29 bomber raid on Tokyo, before the atomic bombs were used.
  12. With the 60th anniversary just passed of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was the use of the atomic bomb a racist war crime, or did it shorten the 2nd World War and actually save lives? America did not need to invade Japan after all. Some Japanese military leaders were hoping to fight a war of attrition against the USA, rather than face Unconditional Surrender. Far from considering itself essentially defeated, the Japanese military was preparing for an Allied assault with a massive buildup in the south. It was only the shock of the atomic blasts that enabled those Japanese lea
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