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  1. I know I said one last word but after I’d slept on it, I started again. It’s not the ignition switch wiring as been suggested, i had a spare one and changed them over. I managed after removing most of the lower dash glove box etc to get the blower out see 1st photo. Because mine is the exclusive or has a/c it has 2 power supplies see photo 1. They only mention 1 power supply in just about everything ive found on the subject also second hand on eBay. There is no sign of the resister that everyone talks about. See photo 2. I can only surmise with it being digital it doesn’t have one. But I have
  2. One last word on this topic. I have today removed most of the lower dash. I can’t for the life of me figure out where or how to access the blower. This problem is on the exclusive model digital controls not switches. Not sure it that would make any difference. Although all the display working as it should. None of the baffles move when I flick between air dispersement, Boost for windscreen or ac/ eco. Again don’t know if there is any difference to a manual unit. Thanks for your help anyway. Think is a garage jobby
  3. Sure should. Pick one up cheap enough from the scrappy. Don’t forget the 4 holding clips and it may be the rubber studs have broken off the engine. They often do but again there dead easy to replace. eBay
  4. Yes. I was wiggling and wiggling. Obviously if it’s the resister so be it, but it’s such a pig to get to I don’t want to get there and find out it’s not that. Will strip of the covering around the ignition switch tomorrow and wiggle the wires properly. That the easiest out of the 3 options.🤞
  5. Thank you. The video shows the fan was stuck working but on position 4. Mine doesn’t work at all. The digital display is all working fine. I’ve read about the resister failing on other posts but the blower seem to be working but stuck in one position. That’s why I wasn’t sure. 👍
  6. Hi all. Just got in the pic this morning and the heater/air con blower isn’t blowing. All in display works as it should. Just no blower. Checked fuses. 👍. It was there yesterday and no warning there was a problem. Today nothing. Seen other problems on here re- blower but they don’t match mine. Any help Greatfull receive
  7. Thanks mcdig i have tried him before but he was unable to help with repair and had not got a replacement. think I'm sorted ( fingers crossed) local garage, said he will fit a second hand one next week, €200. Here's hoping. Watch this space. The saga looks as if it might be ending Cheers
  8. Morning mcdig. As it happens I am from Altrincham, and I am returning at the end of January for a couple of weeks. If your contact could help, I'm sure I can get to him/her. cheers (fingers crossed, at last to get it sorted) Nich
  9. I have an 03 Picasso with a com 2000 fitted with all 4 stalks. As the lights stalk has developed a fault I need to replace the full unit. I do not have EPS. Do I need the source the exact part number or will the exact first 5 digits do and If I can find a unit without cruise control stalk, can I remove the one from my unit and just clip it in. Nich
  10. Was. Answered within hrs from Citroen UK Facebook page!!! that the unit i was asking for Part no........ was indeed now known by new part no ..... So the blanks on the right hand side are for the sat nav unit,
  11. I think Citroen uk has answered my question.
  12. Thought i would pass on a "positive" about Citroen Uk. I have been looking for a part no, that i believe had been "updated" It had. I contacted Citroen Uk through Facebook with details and within a couple of hrs they replied asking for reg and Vin. Next day they replied again with all the info i needed. WELL DONE CITROEN UK.
  13. Sounds like another comm 2000 fault to me. 2003 models are a bugger to find units for. As far as i know they are not repairable.
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