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  1. Is it something that could want formatting, just a thought
  2. I did the next best option and got a pair of the heated seat covers [either Lidl or Aldi], well appreciated on cold frosty mornings, easy to take off and store or even swap onto another car, plug into cig lighter
  3. All I could suggest is start at the battery
  4. A poor connection could pass minor currents that will suffice to feed instruments but incapable of passing the amperage for a starter motor, this is only a suggestion due to returning to airport parking after a week holiday and finding my car with similar symptoms, the parking crew came with jump leads and eventually got the car [Xsara Pic diesel] started, next day went under passenger seat to remove battery for charging and discovered one of the battery terminals was loose and only resting on the battery, in the car park jump starting was done using the engine compartment connections
  5. Did you watch the following video where he had a display but had to wiggle ign key to get it to work ?
  6. All I can suggest is battery terminals or bad earth, sorry
  7. There has been posts previously regarding dead heaters, in the majority of cases it has turned out to be a burned out resistor in the heater unit, again the cause was put down to a clogged cabin filter reducing airflow over the resistor, try researching this, you may be lucky with this on Youtube Citroen Xsara Picasso Heater Resistor Change - YouTube
  8. Forget it, vastly overpriced, get one if the dangly type if you want it smelling like a rose garden, baked beans and sprouts for an alternative
  9. All I can say is that modern cars, though reliable, are extremely complicated with all the electronics and any fault can prove time consuming to locate & very costly, this is why I avoid backstreet car sales like the plague and do not venture into private sales where there is no warranty available, I now always do a p/x at a big name company like Arnold Clark, you may pay a bit more but peace of mind is a great help. In your case, you have located a car you like so it may be worthwhile having that inspection if it is a reputable company doing it which will be at your side if anything goes
  10. Its no good, my first choice would still be the Xsara picasso, it was my first ever MPV, like the story of Goldilocks it was just right in every respect Out of curiosity how does the c3 pic measure up against these two
  11. VW & Mercedes opened a can of worms when they falsified emission readings and it was publicised in America, now we are all being offered the chance to register our diesels in the hope of a compo payout, what makes are actually guilty of this scam, is Citroen one of them, should we register ?
  12. Cant help there, I dont have instant readout option on my dash display
  13. Nah, ended up with a newer c3 pic with seats that are easier to clean, plus a few other bits and pieces like the glass roof
  14. Coincidence you mention difficulty getting into a car, while mine was in for service and MOT at Arnold Clarks I had a browse round their used car stock, quite taken with a Peugeot model but I couldnt get in due to the low roofline and rake of the screen, somehow its something Citroen have got right by having fixed quarterlights and a more upright door, plus the interior is more welcoming with light colours and plenty glass, a bit OTT on the C4 screen though, but still a nice motor
  15. Nice recommendation, never driven an automatic.
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