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  1. It could be a wise move to go for a suitable DECT phone system that will work on VOIP, with a base station/answer phone and the satellite phones positioned round the house, only requirement, apart from broadband, would be mains powerpoints, one things for sure, looking at Amazon etc, its not going to be an expensive purchase and the calls will be cheaper, yippee
  2. Feel like bursting into song Don't leave me this wayI can't surviveI can't stay aliveWithout your love, no babyDon't leave me this wayI can't existI will surely miss your tender kissSo don't leave me this way ignore the smoochie bits
  3. It all started with a search for call blockers and the requirement to have a caller display on wired landline phones, thats when it came to light that by 2025 the BT type telephone master socket will be killed off and the landline service will be fed by the Broadband Service providers hub, leaving those without Broadband devoid of a landline connection, plus a totally dead phone in a power cut or Broadband fault for others, so out of curiosity I selected a lovely BT wired phone, all singing and dancing with call blocker, answer phone & all the bells and whistles I would want and asked the
  4. So Gteuk is alive and kicking, like to hear from other members though, just to think how we were trying to get a club badge in the past, happy days
  5. Only just noticed when on auto lights what I feared was a fault turns out to be a feature, when travelling at 25 mph or less whichever direction you turn illuminates that sides fog light until you steer straight ahead again, fear not its only when headlights are in auto mode
  6. Could be the resistor in the heater motor, there are youtube vids on this
  7. We lost so many members when we had months of the site being broken, admin should have been on the ball
  8. Its a lot when you convert it to gallons, bearing in mind it was 5 gallons to £1 when I started motoring
  9. Ruddy 'ell, not looking forward to my next fill-up, suppose I'm just thankful its a diesel, think the moral of the story on two counts is to keep the tank as near full as feasible to keep the gauge working and ease the burden on your pocket
  10. Very grateful you are looking after the site in his absence, thanks on behalf of present members and enquirers
  11. Remember it ? Spam, spam, spam, where is the mod when hes needed
  12. During a brief visit my lad mentioned a slopping noise coming from his rear off-side passenger door, with a piece of stiff wire I broddled the drain holes in the door bottom, yes water gushed out, the same with his drivers door, more water, assume it was road dirt that had accumulated under the off-side doors between the door base and the rubber seal from passing traffic, nearside remained unblocked. Something worth checking only takes a moment
  13. Long time back had to run xpic tank low for a recall which meant the tank had to be removed, when the job was done and I refilled tank the gauge was very inaccurate, dealer said it will right itself when it starts to recognise the tanks level, it did after the next fill-up, not saying this will be the same for you though
  14. Do an internet search on "C4 picasso ETG6 semi- automatic gearbox faults", throws up some interesting info
  15. All that brass been spent on wind farms, now the wind isnt doing its job and the renewable energy is lacking, time to build nuclear, or go back to fossil fuels, we have plenty, why are we so dependent on imports
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