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  1. If it was medical/pet insurance the same fault is not covered again on the annual renewal so in some ways breakdown insurance (AA/RAC/Green Flag) is more generous. It does give the incentive to fix a car fault though. I would imagine these last 2 years there have been lots of flat batteries through lack of use and people not having chargers.
  2. In Jan 2020 just before the pandemic took off, we changed our 2015 C4 for a 2019 308SW. Since then it has only done 2500 miles with us hardly going anywhere apart from shopping and hospital appointments. Next week will be its longest outing when we have a funeral which will be a 200 mile round trip with motorways so should be interesting to see how it performs. If we had known then what was to come we would not have changed the car. However, yesterday I checked on auto trader at garage prices for it and they are not much different to what we paid 2 years ago. Same with our daughter's Cactus bo
  3. Higher car prices are said to be due to a shortage of new ones being made due to a lack of chips and people are not selling their old ones. Are part ex prices also higher ? I have noticed in our supermarket (Waitrose) when a price goes up now it is not just by inflation but 10 or 15%. It might be a lot of people are profiteering under the ruse of covid. Commodities prices have dropped quite a lot recently (oil and gas) but I do not hear anything in the news about prices dropping to customers, only to expect a 50% rise in a few months for gas/elec.
  4. Sounds like a good bit of design, I can imagine the designers having a good laugh over it. Maybe a length of string tied around the lever might help unless the lever catches the door trim.
  5. You are probably right, I can not see the insurers wanting to make a few billion less. Checking again, the news was £4.2 billion over 10 years saving for customers so it is only about £10 each per customer a year, I do not think we will notice anything.
  6. It was on the news today that from 1/1/2022 insurers can no longer charge loyal customers more than a new one. From then it could mean new customers paying more but existing ones paying less. I think it said it will should save customers a few billion pounds.
  7. For our Citroens, I tend to buy parts from a Citroen dealer having found aftermarket parts from such as eurocarparts were not as good or fit as well as the dealer ones, despite the prices being not much different to the dealer. Oil though I have found buying the same Total stuff over the internet is a lot cheaper. The last time was from tmsautoparts in Manchester via ebay and the price included delivery without any mention of a dangerous goods charge.
  8. Pity the governments over the years have listened to the green lobby and demolished the coal fired power stations. Maybe the lobbyists were foreign agents who supply the gas we now depend on for the gas fired ones. I always thought coal should have been kept and the power stations modified to clean up the flue gases and gas used for home heating instead of wasting it in power stations. In some ways it is a bit like China taking over all our production and then controlling everything once they have it. They all prey on short term business aims of companies to make a quick profit and ignore the
  9. Until you have done some checks to confirm it is just a faulty sensor, whether you stop or not if it happens again can depend on your opinion of risk and the size of your wallet. I do not think anyone will advise to carry on regardless unless you are confident it is a sensor fault. An overheating engine if the sensor is correct can result in the cylinder head warping and maybe other damage. Just to add some extra checks to do. A quick check of the thermostat is to see when it opens after starting the engine and the top radiator hose starts to get warm as it opens, this should be befo
  10. If it comes on again put the cabin heating on full since this will help to lower the temperature - you might even need to open a window if it gets a bit too hot for you. I suspect you need a new temp sensor or to at least check its wiring and the connector is clean. If you have a code reader that does live data you can see what temps the sensor is giving. Also check the coolant level is normal. I had this a couple of times on a 2003 C3 1.4 petrol and both times on the same trip at Christmas in cold weather over 2 different years once on the M62 and the first time was shortly after leaving
  11. We have 2 cars, both diesels, a 2007 C5 estate that is only used when there is a lot of stuff to move, some holidays and to tow a caravan. Our other car is a 2019 Peugeot 308 estate which is our every day car. The C5 is low mileage and not used much so it is kept in the garage to preserve it since replacement could be expensive. It is kept with the hand brake off and I keep the battery charged up using a Lidl smart charger plugged in to the tow bar socket. The 308 is not doing many miles either now and I charge the battery about once a month. It has an electric hand brake which I did not parti
  12. When the brake fluid is changed every 2 years the clutch fluid should also be changed. I have found the clutch fluid bled out can be dirty, possibly due to wear of the cylinder seals so if not changed it might make the pedal a bit sticky.
  13. A BBC report that during the power cuts from storm Arwen people with only internet phones were effectively cut off for days. I liked the comment that one person could not get their car out of the garage to go anywhere since the door was electric. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-59564480
  14. I suspect next year you will start to worry about having the timing belt replaced, no need to wait for 10 years if you are keeping the car. I get a bit twitchy when it is getting towards replacement time but I have yet to have one snap. If non Citroen parts are used the replacement interval may not be the same. Our Citroens have been reliable, many others who have not had a Citroen shy away thinking they have a bad reputation. In our family over the last 16 years we've had/have two C3s, a Xsara Picasso, two C5s, three C4s, a Cactus and a Peugeot 308. The current C5 is 14 years old and I'
  15. Possibly the spam stopped people coming on the forum. Maybe a message to them it has gone might help them want to come back.
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