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  1. I have a 1.6 petrol 2004. Could anyone tell me where tO FIND THE ecu? Thanks
  2. I posted a earlier threa regarding a faulty immobiliser message on the display screen. Anyway I took the car to the local citroen garage and was told that water had go into the engine brace? which in turn had got into the ECU, result is a quote for £2000. Anyone experienced this before? Thanks
  3. Hi, and I hope someone can help.... I have a 2004 1.8 16v Picasso with 68000 miles on the clock. I bought it from new and have had it serviced etc on a annual basis, and until yesterday had no problems with the car at all. Then, out of the blue the car will not start first time (will after about 20 attempts) I keep getting a message on the display saying "parking brake" & "electronic immobilliser fault". Is there anything I can do at a DIY level, or is it a very costly trip to the main dealer? Thank you in advance. Graham
  4. No, but for some reason they need permission to replace seals. (Which I could not understand)
  5. I have a 04 Picasso and the warrenty is about to expire!! Over the past month a really anoying rattle has started. It is from the drivers window, as if it is just behind my ear. When you put pressure on the top right hand corner of the window, the noise stops. I have now taken it twice to the dealer. The first time they said that they had re-positioned the window seal, and this had solved the problem (not). I took it back today and this time they said the only option would be to replace the seal, but before they could do this they need to obtain permission from Citroen because the warranty was
  6. Yes, tried removing the cap, but nothing. Also no luck with the key turning trick. Have done 140 miles, and still showing full.
  7. No luck with dicounecting the battery, any furthrt thoughts?
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