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  1. I sold my Citroen several years ago but still liked visit the forum.
  2. Well looks like this forum is finished no posts just spam, doesn't appear to be anyone looking after it now. Shame I have enjoyed it for many years 11 to be exact.
  3. Hi. I still visit most days, the site is a little light on posts I guess picasso's are becoming a rarity now.
  4. Hi. had exactly the same fault and diagnosis on my Peugeot took it to a diesel specialist he changed the fuel filter been o.k ever since.
  5. Check the engine earth, use a jump lead from the earth side of battery to a clean bolt on the engine.
  6. I'm assuming the battery is O.K. Sounds like a bad connection probably an earth loose somewhere start with the battery then the battery to engine to body earth I think you have several more earths bolted to the body under the bonnet. Bad earth will give all sorts of faults and lead to many false diagnosis of the problem, so check them all carefully. My usual trick is a jump lead on the earth side of the battery then clip it directly onto a clean bolt on the engine and see if it starts if not you may have to do the same on all the other earths.
  7. As above, had to change the radiator fan on mine a few years ago as it wouldn't come on so no a/c.
  8. Is it me becoming less tolerant. News programs are sensationalising everything so much it is now bordering on fake news, I tend to turn off the news after a few minutes because I find the need to make a simple story appear massive very irritating. Does anyone really care who paid for the P. M's flat refurbishment or what he said in private about covid bodies piling up. I personally feel that Boris has done a great job leading the country through a crisis that nobody knew how to deal with, sure he made mistakes, who doesn't. The labour party is making itself look pretty path
  9. Hi Bex I drive a 1.2 Peugeot 2008 with the puretech engine which I suspect is the same as the Citroen. It delivers 110bhp which is more than powerful enough in a small car very nippy and so far no problems at all, highly recommended. I also decided on a petrol engine after 30 years of driving diesels mainly because nobody seems to know how to fix them when they do go wrong, they have become so complicated now and are easily upset if like me you do mainly short trips. Thinking of an electric car next as I only cover a few hundred miles a week now with a once in a while 120 mile t
  10. As above, take it back and tell them to centre the tracking properly.
  11. Sounds very much like crank sensor, had exactly the same symptoms on a diesel fiat.
  12. Glad the phoenix has once again risen, great site keep up the good work. Funny I sold my Picasso years ago but still visit this site regularly.
  13. Hi. Know what you mean, the problem is the cables for the fan are clipped tightly onto the panels at the side of the rad so I doubt you would be able to move the rad more than an inch or two without disconnecting the wiring. The only awkward bit about removing the front bumper is four bolts behind the wheel arch you can bend back the arch liner to get to them but they will be pretty rusted I managed to snap one on either side didn’t bother replacing them the other two hold it o.k. Thinking about it I don’t think I actually removed the under tray. Once the bolts are all out unplug the fog li
  14. Hi. If I remember correctly you take the under tray off then remove the front bumper, sound worse than it is. I had to change a seized up fan so didn’t actually remove the rad but you would need to access the fan cabling that way to remove the rad. Took me about 1 hour to get it stripped out so not terrible.
  15. Hi. Might be worth you getting a professional opinion on the head it doesn’t cost anything to ask at the local garage. If I remember correctly the sensor for the fan is plugged into the radiator near the top two wires on it, if you pull the plug and run a wire across the plug terminals the fan should come on. If the engine has been cooked it may well have fried the sensor.
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