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  1. Don't go to a dealer, go to a specialist auto electrician. As Gray says, the dealer will only want to change the alternator.
  2. Looking great again, just returned from a week on holiday in the Lake District, switched on and couldn't believe it.
  3. Doesn't sound a very good garage, more like washing machine repairers who changes every part 'till they get it right. Pleased that they didn't charge for the alternator repair as they are professionally incompetent which seems to be the trend with modern mechanics, in many garages. They are merely parts changers. In most places the skill has gone. Don't get anything off EBay 'till you find the real problem. Grumpy.
  4. Wasn't there a magnetic device which clamped across the fuel line? It "re-aligned the atoms in the fuel and gave big increases in top speed, acceleration, AND mpg" They sold thousands.
  5. When my brother in law's family were cold they used to sit around a candle.. When it got VERY cold they lit it.
  6. Seriously? In the 100's of cars that I worked on in previous years I never gave it a thought. Just tightened it 'till it felt tight, and that didn't mean overtightening it. Never had a problem.
  7. Honest John doesn't think much of their reliability - he slates them.
  8. Highly recommended by Honest John (Telegraph)
  9. For those who voted the last time, remember, we went in because we were told it would be a Trading Alliance. Now they over-rule our Courts, don't allow us to control who comes into this country to stay. Dictate the shape of cucumbers and lots of other things. Time we took this country back into our ownership.
  10. The three bolt issue has been covered many times on the site.
  11. I went for Toyo on my 2ltr and was pleased with the grip, ride and life. http://www.blackcircles.com/tyres/brands/toyo
  12. When we were in Australia for Jan, Feb, March every year I used to leave the handbrake on when my Picasso was parked in the drive while we were away. When I came home and wanted to back out of the drive the car was reluctant to move and the back end rose into the air, followed by a bang and the car shot backwards. For the last 5 years, as it was an automatic, I left it in Park with the handbrake off. No problem.
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