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  1. Looks like a bit of "Trench Work" from WW1.
  2. Looks like a bit of "Trench Work" from WW1.
  3. The situation for youngsters is pretty dire but when you consider many of the school leavers cannot string together a sentence or use punctuation. I am afraid that many have themselves to blame by mimicking the language of the street. Don't blame the schools, when the children they have to work with, won't try.
  4. Taking Early Release from the Civil Service .... big pots of gold ... Motorhome on drive ... loads of time to enjoy it ... and a Gold Plated Pension......
  5. We popped into our local Vauxhall Dealer ... happened to see the CSMA logo on his wall, mentioned it and got £1200 of the new price ... bonus!
  6. Yup .... no point in leaving it to the tax man and the wife's illness changed my priorities ..hope to hear in the next few days whether my application to take early release has been accepted and I can cream off my Civil Service Gold Plated, Index Linked, Final Salary Pension...... that I have paid in for!
  7. Well.... after berating them almost as much as a towed shed ... we now have ours and thoroughly enjoying having a mile of traffic behind us.... Its a home from home ... TV, DVD, Central Heating, Electric and gas cooker, Microwave, Fridge, H&C water, Awning, Flush Toilet, King size bed .......
  8. Still sniffing around the edges ..... get my new toy tomorrow ... Ace Airstream 630EK Motorhome..... Revenge time cometh.
  9. Continuous Insurance .... the next means whereby the Government wrings more money out of us .. Continious Insurance
  10. A group of biker mates go for a two day visit .... some photos of what to expect http://www.ebbo.org/krakow05-day1.php
  11. Sounds like someones upset the Lambda Probe
  12. Your water temp sensor is U/S .... green (I think) plug by thermostat .... common fault .....easy job to replace
  13. Disconnect, wait 30 secs and reconnect the battery.... reset clock etc .... might cure it
  14. Try one of these..... http://www.plumbingpages.com/featurepages/SHepvo.cfm
  15. I made one of them 3 week to wine kits ..I remember it well ... Black Cherry flavour ... did all the mixing etc, stuck it in airing cupboard and it erupted through the bubble trap and over the newly washed sheets and blankets .... pink sheets for years Then I made some Elderflower Champagne .. another marked catastrophy ..... made it, put it in 2l plastic lemonade bottles and forgot.... 4 weeks later we had banana shaped bottles, defying me to try and remove the screw top. So.. standing in the shower with just my pants on I gingerly unscrewed the tops .... whoosh, all over the place.. all
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