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  1. Maybe the new strut is too strong, so it thinks there is an obstruction in the way ?
  2. Thanks Glen. I keep redirecting guys on FB here to try and answer their questions using the large 'corporate' knowledge already in here. Great to see it still surviving.... :)
  3. Now, I only caught sight of this site this evening but wondered if it is anything you would use? http://www.roaddriver.co.uk/home/ I can't really see the point myself... now I have a dashcam, I'd just submit it to the police (would they do anything?), but this Naming and Shaming, via numberplates might settle some down a bit..... Have you checked your Reg No. ? ;) PS - I found this site whilst looking for reviews: http://comroads.com/ Some interesting driving !! (Used to be called roadshamer)
  4. Edit: I can get in on my bookmark OK to view new content, but as soon as click on a topic, the 'red screen of death' pops up. It's not a new hacker ploy, to just report websites, instead of trying to hack into them - just to be a nuisance (being too kind to them!) ? I did have a cloudshare page load first, checking website, with something about the DoD protection, but can't replicate it now, and was too slow to screen grab it.... next time....
  5. Seems OK on Chrome/Win10 here....
  6. It looks like they just unclip and slide off: You need to park them first for changing, as per the video... Ign on, off, then flick the wiper once to move them up (within about 30 secs max I think).
  7. Does it do it whilst stationary....I'd be looking at loose heat shield(s) or something else vibrating. The 'sweet spot' seems to be when the revs are right, at around 65-75. It's not normal however ! :)
  8. There's also a sales page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1675455569362190/ That someone posted on here a little while ago.
  9. My first thought too, or a loose connector.... didn't know they did 1.4's
  10. A little known fact (to me anyway) is that Win 10 still has IE11 built in, including Edge too. I can't update my Satnav - Garmin - on Chrome or Firefox - Edge doesn't work either, so I finally found on a Forum that IE11 will work, and it does ! :) It seems quite well hidden away though.
  11. Got no plugins apart from ABP No toolbars either. Most of the time it is OK, but it then all goes to Left justification with a big space on the right, and nothing on the left. It's fine at the moment, but the next time I look at this thread, it could have changed again.
  12. I'm on 1366 x 768. Got lots of space on my RHS.
  13. Is it Ok at idle ? It could be a dirty/worn throttle potentiometer - the cable turns a 'pot', and sends the info to the ECU to make the car go faster/slower....
  14. Bad news always come in 3s (So my Granny used to say), so fingers crossed from now on ...... :)
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