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  1. hello all, not been here in years but ive now got another picasso so im back, and im coming in straight away with a problem. fair warning, you may want to grab a cuppa as this posts going to be long :) firstly my car is a 2008 C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi VTR+ with the 'Semi-Auto' piloted Manual 6 speed gearbox the start of this issue was when the clutch started slipping badly and i was getting a oil leak of some sort from the car. pulled the gearbox(which is a pain in and of itself) and removed the remains of the clutch, which was very dead as the clutch plate had seperated in
  2. yea ive repaired the exhaust best i can for now (hole is because the hanger by rear axel has sheared off) but only seem to get smell if the heater is in normal mode if i put it in recirc i dont get smell
  3. hello all, my picasso seems to of developed a slight problem, i know my exhaust is currently on its last legs (ie has got a large hole in it) but im currently getting a strong smell of fuel whilst driving, wondering if anyone can advise where to look for solution or could it just be coming from the hole in exhaust - not spending further money on this car as it only has to last another week or so, as im getting motability car next week(zafira tourer). but the smell is making it very hard to get around places i need to go due to making passengers feel ill
  4. yea i push it forwards again and it started working properly :)
  5. cant find a topic directly about this, but it seems that the brake lights are stuck on on my xpic, they go off if i lift the brake pedal with my foot, and if i disconnect the brake switch they go off, does this sound like a moved switch or dead switch,
  6. Pretty certain its reconnected. But get 0 displayed permanently. Any one know how to replace the sensor and or test the exsisting one as i am getting a fault code logged of veh speed sensor range/performance
  7. cheers all, got replacement resistor pack and all working now :)
  8. just had clutch done on my 2001 xpic but now speedo stays at 0, suspect its the speed sensor thats shot so can anyone advise how easy to change this sensor is
  9. unplug battery following the correct procedure to prevent damage to BSI and leave it off for 5 mins or so then reconnect and shud bring trip back
  10. thanks thats what i thought just wasnt sure if the resistor pack was different between cars with and without a/c
  11. Ok i have a 2001 xpic with no a/c and my heater fan only works on speed 4 im wondering if this is down to the heater resistor also or something else
  12. hi all, just had clutch replaced on my new 2001 picasso and ive just had a new clutch fitted but the clutch pedal still bites really high, dont know if this is normal or not, the old clutch was shot and the old release bearing disintegrated on removal also
  13. Nope those look nothing like the front brake lines on the xpic at all. I cant loosen the one nut i can see at all and this fluid leak is gettin slowly worse.. looks like il be trying to find a mobile mechanic to sort it instead
  14. morning all, recently replaced the front pads and discs (and 1 caliper as it was siezed) on my xpic but i noticed that one of the brake lines is weeping fluid so ive bought a new line but i cant for the life of me work out how to disconnect the old pipe from the metal pipe - i can get it off caliper easy but not the other end, anyone any ideas how i get it off.
  15. check the fuel filter, had similar issue on my last car which was an ibiza tdi and it would randomly hit limp mode as the fuel filter was totally blocked
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