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Rules For Picasso Related Postings.

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Please ensure all post in this section are related to the Citroen Picasso and is posted in the appropriate section.


Please remain on topic as much as humanly possible.


Do not add one liners that are of no relevence at all (i.e. if someone is asking for information about the gearchange do not add something like "I want a blue gear knob" it is not constructive and helpful).


Always use net-equette and be kind and coutious to other users.


Feel free where possible to upload diagrams to explain your point.


Use the search facility to see if a topic has already been covered if it has but does not answer your question re-open that topic.


If a topic has not been covered open feel free to open a new topic.


Always stay in the realms of the Terms and conditions linked at the top of each page.


Do not display your email address or other personal information within the public forums


Do not use your signature for promotion of other sites or businesses without the expressed permission from the site Admin (Me)


Do not argue with the moderators, it makes life easier.



/// that means no arguing or hard fealing


Any posts that do not comply may be deleted.

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