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Do All C3 Picasso Exclusive 1.6HDI Cars Have Bluetooth Box?

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Hi all my dad bought a 09 C3 Picasso Exclusive and after reading the owner manual it says it has Bluetooth its not the model with fitted nav but all the same it says all vtr+ and exclusives have it fitted


If so please tell m how the hell I get to menu C where trip comp and mobile setup is I messed on looking for about a hour and couldn't find the right menu


I am also getting the The same car picking it up tomorrow afternoon mine is a 60 plate 2011 so I will need this info to sort mine out to


Any info cheers Leo

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Hi the thing is on mine and my Dads car once your press the menu button on the radio I don't see menu C with the 4 icons all it does is go's to is Display Adjust, Radio CD, Vehicle Config, Option, then Language


That's it I cant find MONOCHROME SCREEN C with phone/Trip/Audio/Personalisation Configuration Grrrrr lol what am I doing wrong please?

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I have a 2010 registered but 2009 model C3 Pic. Exclusive (110).  Mine too doesn't seem to have Bluetooth connectivity.  The handbook isn't much use either but from what I can make out the model was changed in 2010 and ones before that didn't have it.  I'm not dead certain on this but I haven't found any mention of it when trawling through the menu.  I'll be interested to find out if/how it can be connected.

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