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C3 Picasso converting headlamp dipping direction

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We will be taking our 2011 C3 Picasso onto the Continent soon, is it necessary to fit something on the glass (plastic) to mask out part of the beam or is there some lever at the rear of each headlamp you can just move to make the change?





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No lever it's the actual front lens that acts as the beam bender so you need to buy a pair of stick on beam converters, Halfords do them. You will also need a first aid kit with thermal blanket, hi vis jackets (5 one for each seat in car), spare bulbs/fuse kit. Fire extinguisher. Two breathalysers and numbers with GB on them or a stick on GB plate


Now you may feel like a lot of drivers from Uk that this is all over the top but if the Froggie plods feel that they have to stop you then they will look for all those items.


If you have a sat nav then the speed camera facility must be inhibited for France use. You are not allowed to have a dash board camera either but I've seen Froggie cars with them.


Check on web for driving in France

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Do you still need a warning triangle as well, might end up wanting a bigger car

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