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Grand Picasso (2014) Creaking Rear Suspension

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Hello Folks I am new to this forum and would like to say Hello!

What brings me here is a problem with my car which the dealer is unable to diagnose correctly.

The rear suspension of my car started making a metallic creaking noise at low speed (almost like stones in an old fashioned hub cap.)

The dealer diagnosed the top shock absorber mountings.  After a long wait these arrived and where fitted.

the car was returned to me with a Spam and bull story that they had also lubricated the suspension and the noise should wear off!!

Well it has not it is just as bad as ever.  I have removed the rear wheels my self and to be fair I cannot see any problems that could cause this noise.

To recap the noise occurs at slow walking pace up to about 20mph and is almost an explosive metallic creak.

Any Ideas or has anyone had anything similar.

Any help gratefully received John

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Find & quiz other indepedant Citroen 'specialists' who may have come across this before, whats your location ?

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Thats interesting A Garret!

Took mine in and they replaced the rear shock absorber mountings (known fault) this cured a squeaking but the creaking noise was still there!

So back to the dealers again.  This time they think it's the axle mounting bushes.  Which apparently can only be replaced once if it happens again a new axle beam would be required sounds like a big expense for the future!

Will let you know the outcome.


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Hi all,

Service done with no fuss (and a loan car).

However they could not fix the rear squeak as they had to order the part on.

There has been a delay due to high demand for the part!


The bushes will be replaced on the rear suspension and they said this should sort out the problem.


Thanks to your reply (can't see you name on my phone)

Fingers crossed.

(Now on 50k miles.)

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May I ask does this Pic has independent rear suspension or torsion beam?  The noise could be from a rubber bush and there are a few of these. Sometimes spraying then with a rubber lubricant can cure it. These noises are annoying and often difficult to locate. If your model has the IR Suspension it is new for Citroen with this new Floor pan.


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Hi All, Having taken the C4GP back for a 54k major service, the garage asked to keep the car for an extra day. They said Citroen have now found a cure the the squeak. I have been told they have now replaced the whole rear cross beam. That should do it! And yes, this has cured it. 

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Once upon a time cars were given lengthy tests to sort stuff out before they were sent to the showrooms, manufacturers are getting lax

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