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Ok I looked at that site and noted the comments. When the Cactus was announced SWMBO thought we'd like one. So I did the research and on paper it looks good. So we went and had a look at the real thing, a group of them must be Cacti.


Well We came away disappointed to be honest.

The rear seats do not fold flat as per Picasso range, (Xsara, C4 & C3). They do not split like the Picasso range which reduces load and passenger carrying ability.

The rear door windows are just a pair of flaps that open with hinges at the front and a clip at the rear, like original Mini ones. (this is a weight reduction ploy)

The bump pad on the side is either a like or hate feature. I hated it and although they say it is bump resistant how will it look after a hard side rub has occurred.

The car otherwise is there in that group of cars which are crossovers.


So we stuck with our C3 Pic, SWMBO was very tempted by the DS3 convertible BUT it was just too small, and the boot was like a letter box and with the roof down fun but the noise......

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