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MPG on Grand C4 2.0L manual 62 plate

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we have just purchased a 

Grand C4 2.0L diesel manual 62 plate


And before we purchased I looked at some of the MPG figures for this model - quoted at 63-73MPG 

so I expected to get somewhere around 50ish 


My wife filled the car up and drove home from the garage Chichester, ( Pretty much all A3 Dual Carrage way A3 at 70mph on cruse control) filled with diesel first and then traveled the 70 miles home

she noticed it had used 1/4 tank - so we refilled with Diesel and used 11.8L

so on that bases its doing 28MPG 


Hopefully , this is just the fact the tank was not correctly filled up orginally 


but I would be interested in what sort of MPG people get as we are expecting a better performance than our old 1.9L 04 plate zafira - which returned an average of 42MPG over 170K miles !!!


late 40s early 50s is what we would expect 


i pretty sure its the 150HP model , but i dont have the log book - so cant see

If we cant get 42 or more - then it will have to be sold , as she does 15-18K per year

and part of the justification for buying this model was the improved MPG





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