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My 03 plate diesel conked out whilst travelling the other day. "Engine fault" was displayed on the dash. Felt like it had run out of fuel. Wouldn't start. Then, after 30 mins, started but wouldn't run, conked out again. After one hour started fine and kept running. Had called out rescue after initial breakdown. The fault code was "fuel rail problem". 

As it's now 'fine' and not displaying any error codes, my mechanic can't work out what's wrong... because at the moment, nothing is! 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? 


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When my earlier [C40] diesel went into limp mode the rescue diagnosed alternator fault, by then the car had cooled and restarted after he cancelled codes, on my way to the garage 15 mins and 1.5 miles later it conked again had to have suspended tow to garage, they changed alternator then found a duff injector, including getting replacement programmed in was £700 touch, couple of months later gearbox went, good bye car.

Basically could be anything, just be ready with deep pockets

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