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A full year of nowhere to go apart from shopping, guess what she who must be obeyed had just the solution, lets redecorate, which meant spruce up all the paintwork, re emulsioning all the anaglypta walls, rubbing down the gloss and being mega-disappointed with the results of water based gloss compared to stinky solvent stuff that levels itself out and shines like a mirror. Two downstairs rooms had to be totally repapered, the Supafresco looks fantastic, thankyou B&Q and Ebay, job done, sitback and chill.

It was not to be, February water dripped on my head in the kitchen, water pipe leak in the bathroom above, tiles hacked off the wall to expose pipes, bathroom floor ripped up, including tiled underfloor heating section to assess damage to kitchen ceiling, paper was peeling off the kitchen wall as the water escaped, it turned out to be a mere pin-prick hole but had been leaking constantly quite a few days, the spray was finer than a spiders web. Once rectified Click & Collect became a problem trying to match tiles but not being allowed into the shops, sending off for heating mats etc etc, then re-redecorate the kitchen. As I said its been a right Forth Bridge job, all I want to do now is get in the car and cruise

PS Have you seen the Flickering Flame solar garden torches, they are fantastic, the ones I got have 96 LEDs in each and are very realistic, would recommend either trying to waterproof the switch or short out the switch wire, water [again] is the switches enemy, causing many failures, these are not the cheap ones in bargain shops, view them on Youtube

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