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C4 Picasso Rear view mirror attachment

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Accessory shops used to stock self adhesive pads for this application, Halfords do a heavy duty one by Loctite £6

Auto express highly recommend one from 3M

  • Price: Around £3
  • Size: 100mmx100mm
  • Rating: 5 stars

These tiny foam pads are provided with most dash cams, so we know they are strong, but could they hold up the weight of our mirror?

Once we had trimmed the pad to size and removed both layers of the backing – surprisingly tricky to do – the mirror stuck firmly straight away, without the need to be held in place. It passed the 2kg pull test at all temperatures and looked the neatest on both sides of the glass. It’s cheap, too, but buy from a reputable source because fakes are said to be common.

Buy now from 3M

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