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Does a disconnected MAF put the EML on?

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Hi All

My Father-in-Law has a 2005 2.0HDi. Hooked up his caravan to go off on holiday but as he left it was down on power and the EML came on. We cleaned the MAF and drove it but it was the same. I disconnected the MAF and it flew. So we tried to get a MAF but Euros are out of stock to Tuesday. Rather than lose days of his holiday, and he's only going 65 miles away, I said pick one up at the local Euros when you're there. 

A short while ago I get a call from him saying he's moved the car to hook it up to the caravan and the EML has come back on. He is now unsure on whether to go on his holiday. I'd like to reassure him it'll be okay if I can? So, can anyone confirm a disconnected MAF will put the EML back on?

Many thanks

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