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pre purchase inspections are they worth it?

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Hi guys im new here, 

Looking to buy a 2012 Picasso and not really sure what to look for. My question is, is it worth having a pre purchase inspection done? Im new to these aswell just stumbled across them and dont know if there worth it? Thanks in advance!

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All I can say is that modern cars, though reliable, are extremely complicated with all the electronics and any fault can prove time consuming to locate & very costly, this is why I avoid backstreet car sales like the plague and do not venture into private sales where there is no warranty available, I now always do a p/x at a big name company like Arnold Clark, you may pay a bit more but peace of mind is a great help. In your case, you have located a car you like so it may be worthwhile having that inspection if it is a reputable company doing it which will be at your side if anything goes amiss, research what warranty the inspection will cover and what timeframe is involved, good luck

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Hi there and thank you for your advice!

I ended up using a company called www.prepurchaseinspections.co.uk they went out to the vehicle and inspected it quite quickly. Unfortunately it had been fully resprayed and not the best condition, the cost of the inspection in my eyes was worth it as it stopped me buying a car like this. The search continues! Hopefully i will find something worth inspecting next time!🤣 

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