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You may have read my post bad mouthing my present XPIC.

Can anyone who has had an Xpic and renewed with a C4 please give me some advice on the wisdom of this.  Please give comparisons of space, fuel consumption etc.

Also, what would be the newest C4 2.0litre diesel likely to come on the market?

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I found the c4 [1.6 diesel ] to be an excellent alternative to the Xpic, it did lack a few equal size storage bins & was my first experience of a pathetic glove box but was compensated by a couple of dash-top bins, economy was actually a bit better than the Xpic, my second c4 had an extra gear but it never showed up as an asset to economy, just more stiring of the gearstick, The windscreen is massive, so huge the top half is out of the wiper sweep when it rains, but it floods the interior with light. Seating, 5 individual as the Xpic, is good but the seat bolster on the drivers seat is likely to collapse, no detriment though. Depending on the model you may have auto closing windows when locking on the keyfob And auto dipping door mirror on selecting reverse. I downgraded to the c3 pic, and it was a big downgrade, when I started getting big repair bills, but the c4 was a far superior vehicle for space, comfort and a quiet cabin

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