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C3 Picasso front window auto-reversing, involves removing door trim

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As when I searched the Internet I could not find anything on this I thought I would document what you need to do to fix this. The passenger front window of our C3 Picasso started to auto-reverse about half way up and the conclusion was that where the glass moves up the runners has become stiff. Trying to lubricate them at the front and back from the top did not make a difference so I had to take the door trim off. First you need to remove the piece of plastic on the inside of the door mirror. This is held in by two push clips and can be take off by pulling it really hard. To remove the door trim first unscrew the four Torx screws, three on the edge of the door and one under a rubber cover in the arm rest. The door trim is then only held on with about half a dozen push clips along the bottom and front edge. Again it is a case of pulling hard and the door trim will come away. To remove it fully you will need to remove the cable to the electric window switch. Note you can still control the window movement from the drivers side switch. The rear of the window glass can be got to by pulling off the inside door cover and the front by removing the speaker. The glass is actually held in plastic guides front and rear which go up and down in the runners, it is these that need lubricating.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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