Temperature warning “Stop”

Hi all it’s  been a while. My trusty 52 pic 2lt hdi has started to misbehave. 2 days ago I got the temperature stop warning light on the dash and the temperature gauge went up to the top. I stopped turned her off and waited a minute. Started her up and all was well gauge back to normal. Drove fine yesterday ( 40 miles) today again fine until tonight. Same thing happened. After restarting all was well and drove home without anything unusual happening. I Think it’s the temperature senser. Question is, if it happens again and I don’t stop, is it likely to cause a problem? I’ve got a lot of motorway driving to come next week. Would like your opinions on if it happens on the motorway, can I continue to the next services. That being a much safer place to stop and restart her. 
many thank Nichthewood 

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