unable to refuel & other prob’s

evening folks.


hoping someone can help as i’m having a few little problems.

the car is an 07 plate picasso 1.6 vtx.

the main problem is i am unable to get any fuel into the tank. this all started the other day, went to the garage to fill up after having to syphon some fuel from my other car during the fuel shortage last week.

for some unknown reason i was only able to put under £10 in before the pump clicked off, so, thinking there my have been a blockage in the filler neck i went home & checked it by feeding a length of old hosepipe down the filler into the tank.


pulled the hose back out & the end was wet with fuel. so thinking there wasn’t a blockage i went back to the garage & tried again, same result only this time i was only able to get about £5 in.


the 2nd problem i think is linked to the first one, fuel gauge seems to be stuck showing one bar under full even though i know there not that much in there, well, after syphoning the fuel from my other car & putting it in the picasso with the syphon pump i checked the gauge which showed a full tank, the following day i drove to mablethorpe & when i saw a garage that was open & had fuel i decided to top the tank off to be on the safe side.


to me both the problems seem to be linked (though i could be wrong).


so, does anyone know what the problems could be? i’m completely stumped on this one, i really cannot figure out as to way i am unable to fill up with fuel, as to what could be causing it.


any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance  


drove back home the same day (150 mile round trip) & thats when the problem 

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